Hartville Feed Equine Products

Low Starch Complete Feed

OMEGATIN® is a revolutionary diet high in fat and fiber, low in starch, and balanced with quality protein. Paired with low starch and high fiber, OMEGATIN® potentially reduces the risk of diet-related disorders, including colic and founder.

High Fat: More Energy, Less Risk

Omegatin Pellet Feed

Until recently, to get more energy into a horse, you had to feed more grain. But high intake of a grain diet can cause digestive problems, such as gastric ulcers, colic, and founder. This diet can also cause increased excitability in some horses. OMEGATIN® replaces energy from the starch in grain with calories from fat.

Lower Starch Means Greater SafetySome high-fat horse products can contain as much as 50% starch. By comparison, OMEGATIN® has a starch content of only 13.5%. This is a benefit to horses exhibiting starch sensitivity. With lower starch, OMEGATIN® helps maximize the health and safety advantages of high-fat horse diets.

Rice Bran Supplement

Max-E-Glo™ stabilized rice bran is a superior performance supplement specifically formulated for horses.  Max-E-Glo offers several nutrition benefits for your horse:

  • One Year Freshness Guaranteed.  Ensures that your horse is getting fresh, palatable product every time.
  • Unique Stabilization Process.  Rice bran is the most nutritious part of the rice kernel, but it is important that it is stabilized properly.  NutraCea’s® proprietary stabilization process ensures that Max-E-Glo will not become rancid.
  • “Cool” Nutrition.  High fat and fiber content maintains energy without high-starch hyperactivity, providing your horse with a safe diet.
  • High Fat for Extra Energy.  High in natural plant-based fat, highly digestible and very palatable.
  • Superior Top Dress.  Mixes well with other feeds to provide a premium performance supplement.

Sweet Feeds


Available in both 12% and 15%, the ALL PURPOSE… ALL NATURAL products are designed as economical feeds with nothing but corn, oats and protein pellets. These feeds are designed to be fed with free choice minerals.


Super-Premium 12% sweet horse feed for the weekend competitor. LEISURE feed is a high-calorie, low-starch, highly digestible fiber source feed that provides a high level of energy without “sugar highs” or excitedness.


Premium Oats slightly crimped with just a light coating of molasses and Cherry Flavored Soybean Oil.


Protein, min
Fat, min 1.6%
Fiber, max 22.0%


Protein, min
Fat, min 2.5%
Fiber, max 12.0%


Protein, min
Fat, min 5.0%
Fiber, max 5.0%


Protein, min
Fat, min 3.0%
Fiber, max 12.0%


PASTUREMAX Equine is a free choice mineral designed especially for horses in the Ozarks.

  • Formulated with special enzymes to correct the nutritional deficiencies of forages (especially fescue).
  • Formulated with Aspergillus Oryzae to increase digestion & feed efficiency, and promote growth, performance & reproduction.
  • Formulated to enhance microbial fermentation in the cecum and colon resulting in more food value being received from fiber.
Horse eating feed from a Pasturemax Bucket

*Please click on the Pasturemax link, or visit www.pasturemax.com to see our full line of minerals available.

Pasturemax Equine Feeds

Pelleted Feeds

Dynasty® Pro 14-6

Dynasty Pro Pellet Feed

Formulated for all life stages and life styles. With its high level of digestible energy, it is a great feed for active horses requiring extra energy and still keep them at their optimum weight.

Dynasty® Grow 16-6

Dynasty Grow Pellet Feed

Formulated for foals, weanlings, and lactating mares, this feed provides the nutrients required for strong growth in the young foal and optimum milk production in the lactating mare. Offers more vitamin E and additional fat which can provide better health and performance.

Dynasty® Senior 14-6

Dynasty Senior Pellet Feed

Formulated with high fiber & fat to meet the requirements of mature horses, helping them live longer and healthier. Pellets can easily be moistened with water to form a mash for horses with poor dental health. Offers more vitamin E and additional fat which can provide better health and performance.