Hartville Feed Poultry Products

Market Leading Prices & Quality

We understand that you need to make money to succeed. We have developed a product line that allows you to make money on all products while still being priced cheaper than the competition.

We also understand that cheaper isn’t always better. That’s why we never compromise on performance and quality. Even our cheapest product is widely recognized as a product “that’s not real pretty, but it really puts the weight on”.

Finally, at Hartville Feed we have one of the most comprehensive quality control programs of any feed mill in southern-Missouri resulting in customers that keep coming back.

Regular Delivery Schedule

A regular delivery schedule may not sound like much, but it is when you run out of an item or need a specialty item for one of your customers.

For example, when one of your customers comes in and asks for a left handed widget, you can tell them you can have it there within a week. On average, you are only 3.5 days away from your next delivery. This allows you to keep your inventory low and fresh while providing excellent customer service with quick turnaround times.

Also consider the cost for a moment. With a set freight cost per ton you know exactly what your cost is going to be. No drop fee, no minimum freight cost, just an affordable set freight cost per ton.

Bulk Feeds

and Custom Mixes

Does your customer have a special feed mix that they would like bagged or delivered in bulk? That’s not a problem, we do it everyday. In fact, custom mixes account for more that 90% of all of the feed that we manufacture. Not sure exactly what the mix is that they want? That’s not a problem either. With a nutritionist on staff we can help your customer determine the right mix to meet their specific needs. Hartville Feed dealers receive a 2% commission on bulk feed sales made to their customers. Most dealers will make as much in bulk feed commissions as they do on bagged feed sales.

Click on a link below to learn more about our different types of feed:

One Stop Shopping

You name it, we’ve got it. Feed, minerals, tubs, supplements, pet foods, animal health, seed, and bagged fertilizer. We have pretty much anything that your customers will need. What we don’t have, we can usually get within a week. We proudly carry these brands:

Marketing & Sales Support

Hartville Feed has partnered with BizPros LLC, to work with you to help grow your business.
As part of our agreement with BizPros LLC, you will be provided with the following at no charge to you.

Monthly Direct Mail Marketing:

Each month, BizPros LLC will mail out an average of 500 postcards in your area to drive customers into your store.

Twice per Year Feed Blowout Sale:

In the spring and in the fall, we will conduct a massive blowout sale at your location. These sales events generate a huge amount of traffic with sales in excess of $10,000.

Newspaper, Internet Marketing:

Hartville Feed runs classified ads continuously in local newspapers as well as internet ads. These ads drive traffic to our call centers where we refer customers to their local dealer.


Each dealer is provided with a webpage on the Hartville Feed website as well as a Hartville Feed e-mail address.


Product brochures are provided to you free of charge.


You are provided with banners and product signage to display at your facility free of charge.